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4 Exciting Events You Can Celebrate on a Yacht

Although the costs may be high when you get dubai fishing trips prices, the benefits of celebrating a special event in style can be boundless. People sometimes fail to honor the important, defining moments in their life because of hesitations. They arbitrarily plan their son’s first birthday, forget their wedding anniversaries, or sometimes even let their own selves down by not celebrating their own birthdays.

Not celebrating your life can make you lose some of the same sparkle and charm of your life. Can you relate to these? Don’t you want to look at your wedding anniversary photos when you’re 70 and relive some of the best experiences in your life? Don’t you want to spend a special night with colleagues whom you have cultivated mutual respect with in the office?

Here are four important life events that you can celebrate in a yacht at Dubai Marina and other nearby ports in the city.

New Year’s Eve

The turning of the year signifies a fresh start. You have spent the last 365 days toiling at work to enjoy what you’re enjoying now. Don’t you want to reward yourself with a New Year’s Eve celebration on a yacht? Imagine cruising along the shores of Palm Jumeirah, watching the fireworks display with Burj Khalifa and the other tall buildings as a background. You can have a party with your friends, drink the night away, and start to live the life you’ve been longing for.


While some people are content with celebrating their birthdays at home with the family and several close friends, it wouldn’t hurt to celebrate your birthday on a yacht. This is ideal if it’s a major milestone, like if it’s your 30th, 50th, or even 65th birthday, your year of retirement. Go for fishing trip dubai on marina yacht cruise, drink champagne, and raise a toast for the good life that you now enjoy with family, friends, and colleagues.

Wedding Anniversaries

Have you told your wife lately that you love and appreciate her companionship, presence, and love? If you’ve forgotten your several past wedding anniversaries, perhaps it’s time to make up for lost time. Book a yacht for rent, have a fancy dinner, drink fine wine, and reminisce about your memories when you were younger and were still dating. Make both of you feel young again. Don’t hold yourself back; go ahead and feel that same giddy feeling that made you fall in love with each other on a candlelit dinner.

Wedding Proposal

If you’re a bachelor with a long-time girlfriend, and if your friends are all hinting that you should propose, why not do so during a yacht cruise? If you’re both highly sociable, ask for help from friends to organize the surprise wedding proposal. If you’d rather ask for her to marry you in private, you can do the same thing on a luxury yacht at the Marina.

You can also have an office holiday party at one of the city’s yachts for rent. Inquire about their rates and services to know more and share the idea.