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The recent iOS version has inclusion of various unique features. Apple devices inspire iOS Game Developers to develop something that will match the unique aspects of the operating system. The Apple devices are most in demand and are used by individuals and business enterprises. Because of its variation existing in the platform, iOS Game Development service is interesting. During the iOS 4 preview in April 2010, Apple revealed the availability of Game Centre in the device. Game Centre is an online multiplayer “social gaming network” that allows the users to “invite friends to play a game, to start a multiplayer game through matchmaking, track their achievement, and compare their scores on the scoreboard”. The versions above iOS 5 users can upload their profile picture. And finally because of their convenient user base and company’s Xcode 8 development environment, the app development is very easy in Apple devices.

iOS Game Development special features

Apple devices are filled with all recent and advanced technologies and it inspires our sound technical expert team to develop innovative apps using technical tools like Cocoa Touch / Objective C, Open AL, iPhone SDK, core Animation, Interface Builder, Xcode IDE, OpenGL ES, core audio, core Location Framework, WebKit Programming, GPS and Core Graphics API. These special technical features also help our iOS app developers to incorporate recent graphics and animation including proximity sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer.

We focus on developing the quality product and hence Brill Mindz is the most efficient iOS Game Development Company in Bahrain. Our apps development is based on certain principles to attain the accurate results. Our services include special features as mentioned below,

  • Simple game app development
  • Educational approach
  • Game character designing
  • Game marketing
  • Game app submission
  • UI design for gaming
  • Game QA testing
  • Augmented reality based iOS game development
  • Game development for the major game categories
  • Gamification of processes


Our Development Process









Our Expertise will make you feel the difference

Our technical team of iOS Game App Developers in Bahrain, Manama and Al Muharraq  has the right understanding and technical knowledge of iOS Platform that helps us to develop game apps with excitement and all other requisite features. We develop based on certain concepts that we already have prior to the development process. Our iPhone Game Development Services has brilliant quality as our development process is both creative and having sound technical knowledge of below mentioned technical features of iOS platform.

  • OpenGL/ OpenGL ES
  • Box 2D / Chipmunk Physics Engine.
  • Unity 3D

Our service for iPhone and iPad Game Development involves

  • Customized iPad Game Development
  • iPhone Game Engine Development
  • iPhone Game Porting Development
  • iPhone Game Testing

BMT develops varieties of iOS games

  • Action iPhone Games
  • Adventure iPhone Games
  • Arcade iPhone Games
  • Puzzle iPhone Games
  • Racing iPhone Games
  • Sports iPhone Games
  • Global Multiplayer iPhone Games
  • GPRS Multiplayer iPhone Games
  • 2D iPhone Games
  • 3D iPhone Games

The iOS game development service at Brill Mindz Technologies inspires the gaming industry because of our fervent approach. We are one among the leading Game Design and Development Companies in Bahrain because of our creative approach and strong effort. Our technical iOS Game Developers in Bahrain, Manama and Al Muharraq  skillfully uses Objective C and Apple Swift programming language. Our iOS Game Development in Bahrain discovers the possibility of the iOS platform. Our knowledge, skills and experience help us to understand the requirement and use of proper iOS game development tools and resourcefully use the SpriteKit and Swift 3 for the development of most commanding apps.

Why Choose Us

Our developed applications have been par excellence with extensive experiences. The intrinsic values of our developed applications are,

Our developed applications are cost effective with versatile engagements

We are proficient android application developers.

We involve our client involvement in each stage, so that they are able to share their requirements and we can share our ideas

On time delivery with uncompromising quality.

We are versatile developers and our services are client based.

Management runs full-fledged.

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