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When you decide to develop Games for Android Devices, you always have to match up to the standard, variations and quality of the concurrent versions. It is an exciting and interesting affair as the popularity of Android devices are increasing every day and the platform has covet the maximum market share in the world, which is driven by technological growth. The most commanding tools used for the Android Games developments are commerce standard middleware like Unity 3D & Unreal to provide fully native implementations but yet having a firm control over the objectives.

Android is world’s most commonly used platform for millions of smart phones, tablets and other devices. From the total use of Smartphone, Android occupies more than 80% use of smartphone devices across the globe. The survey report of the Game Development Conference gives a clear picture of development of Virtual Reality (VR) associate with the development of these Android games. Android games are dominating the various Android based applications with over 36% of downloads along with 89% of the revenue on Google Play returning from the games.

Principle of Brill Mindz - Android Game Development Company

We work on below mentioned principles like,

  • To understand the concept and soul of the game
  • To equip it with correct programming.
  • To pay every minute details to our user’s experience,
  • To power it with attractive animation
  • To provide a rich interface design.

Our services based on the above mentioned principles make us one of the best Android Game Development Company in Dubai. Our experiences Android Game Developer at Brill Mindz Technologies have a proper understanding, skills and rightful talents to develop the user friendly, responsive and exciting Android 3d Games.

There are 2000 Android Game Development Company and Android Game Developers, but we make a difference through our developing methodology and operating with

  • the android development kit,
  • creating use of the Java programming language,
  • Running of virtual machine with key focus of Virtual Reality on a practice Linux kernel

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Our Development Process









The surplus variations in Android version.

Our experienced and experts mobile game developers know that Android is a multi-tasking and multi-threaded environment, so they make a considerable and synchronized management to test the ultimate capabilities of the platform, which is features enriched. The development of Android Game Development is based on Android Software Development Kit and Java weaved with either C (Core) or C++. As wide and vivid are the variation in android version, the Games applications developed by us are also varied.

Android platform use the latest tools and technologies for Android Game Development include Android SDK, Android widget SDK, Unity 3D, Open GL, and Java. These also include Android Media APIs, Android Security Architecture, Android Software Development Kit and other exigent Android development tools. The Android Game Developers at Brill Mindz Technologies are best in Dubai, who are experienced with right knowledge and have zeal to develop the most appealing games on the most impressive platforms.


Why Choose Us

Our developed applications have been par excellence with extensive experiences. The intrinsic values of our developed applications are,

Our developed applications are cost effective with versatile engagements

We are proficient android application developers.

We involve our client involvement in each stage, so that they are able to share their requirements and we can share our ideas

On time delivery with uncompromising quality.

We are versatile developers and our services are client based.

Management runs full-fledged.

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