Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces – What’s Better?

Invisalign vs. Traditional BracesIn order to align the teeth the ways that are commonly used are Invisalign and traditional braces. Traditional braces are the oldest way to line up the teeth. It is used to correct the flaws in the teeth and to get the teeth in proper shape and structure. Traditional braces consist of stainless steel wires that are applied on all the patients’ teeth and as the result of the force and pressure that is applied by that metal wire, the teeth move to the desired position.

When it comes to Invisalign, no wire is used as it is made up of smooth, flexible and transparent plastic material that is made according to the exact size and shape of the teeth. Apart from that, it is fixed on the patient’s teeth so that no one knows that the person is aligning the teeth.

By comparing these two different types of braces, we find that Invisalign uses a more modern and advance technology than the traditional braces. Prescribed by the best dentists in Dubai, Invisalign is nearly invisible as it is of a transparent plastic material which is very hard to detect by the viewer while traditional braces are easily noticeable because of the wires, Invisalign is easily removable during the time of eating drinking and cleaning while fixed or traditional braces are irremovable during the treatment process. In Invisalign, no steel wire will be involved that can irritate the teeth and gums where as it might irritate in traditional braces.

Cleaning the teeth in new modern technology Invisalign is very easy simple by removing it while in traditional it is not that much easy cleaning of the teeth because of steel wire in it, because of steel wire on the teeth patient will not be able to see the clear picture of progress during the treatment procedure where as in Invisalign patient can easily check the progress at any time by simply removing the trays. In traditional Braces patient will have to visit the orthodontist to squeeze the wires to take the teeth in line which is very painful where as in modern transparent Invisalign it is very easy to wear and remove without any kind of pain. Food restrictions are in the traditional braces while in Invisalign there is not any food restriction as it can easily be removed at the time of eating and drinking.

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