5 Common Diseases That a Healthy Lifestyle Can Fight

Millions of people worldwide suffer from diseases that could have been prevented had proper knowledge or education been available. Most people love to eat sweet, fatty food and then fail to exercise regularly, leaving their health to fate instead of taking charge of their own life.

With a balanced diet, weekly exercise, and regular visits to health experts in hospitals in Dubai, you can manage a healthy lifestyle and thus avoid these five common diseases.


High blood pressure, or hypertension, can both be a cause or an effect. This can lead to complications like stroke, heart diseases, and other respiratory illnesses. On the other hand, it could be an effect of high-fat diet, causing the high cholesterol levels in your blood vessels to form clots, blocking the blood from circulating around your key body organs. You will need extensive dentists dubai if you don’t monitor your cholesterol levels.


The food trends in recent years seem to center on sweet treats. There are cupcakes, cinnamon swirls, rainbow cakes, and even chocolate-covered everything. The human body can only take so much sugar, and so the excess glucose levels in your blood will lead to imbalance. Diabetes in itself can be manageable with daily insulin shots, but the complications can be devastating. Unless you fix your lifestyle, diabetes will affect your vision, immunity against bacteria and viruses, and even your mobility in severe cases.

Liver Diseases

Nobody can blame you if you want to drink and unwind with your friends every weekend, but don’t be surprised if you develop liver complications because of excessive drinking. You can still drink with friends, but do have just a glass or two of beer or wine instead of six rounds of hard liquor just to prove your high alcohol tolerance. Take care of your liver and your liver will take care of your other internal organs for you.

Kidney Complications

Similarly, kidney diseases can develop from certain excessive lifestyles. If you travel often, make it a point to go to the washroom every four hours instead of holding it in for eight. Imagine the pressure on your kidneys from all that urine. Your kidneys also clean your blood, and it’s painful to have kidney diseases no matter how old you are. It’s also expensive to have a kidney transplant, so please do take care of your two kidneys.

Skin Problems

Let’s take travel again as an example. There are hundreds of beautiful beaches around the world, and while going to one can be the experience of a lifetime, it’s also best to take precautions when exposed to hours of excessive sunlight. As your biggest organ, your skin can also be the most taken for granted. Apply sunscreen before swimming at the beach, and do moisturize before you sleep, beach or not.

With a healthy lifestyle that only you can discern, you can avoid these diseases and live a long and prosperous life.