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Treat yourself like royalty with premium specialty coffee

You might have heard of specialty coffee, but there is always a chance that you are not fully aware of what it is and how it is defined. In fact, a number of research studies conducted over time have shown that a significant portion of coffee drinkers all over the world think that specialty coffee is something casual and easily found. This is far from the truth. The beans used to coffee are rated on an index out of 100 based on the quality. This particular process is known as cupping. According to the SCA (Special Coffee Association), only a coffee with a cup score of more than 80 points is fit to be called a specialty coffee. A type of coffee called “Arabica Coffee” is the only coffee which fulfills this requirement.


Now that you know what a specialty coffee is, you can probably imagine that it is the most premium coffee out there. If you are craving one right now, here is how to find specialty coffee Abu Dhabi. As explained above, it all depends upon the level of quality of the coffee bean. Coffee shops often deceive their customers by presenting other good types of coffees such as Gourmet Coffee. You need to be aware of such instances as well to ensure that you are getting what you want. So, you first need to find the best coffee beans in Abu Dhabi. One more point must be kept in mind here. It is vital that the coffee is being graded by a certified Q grader. A Q grader is basically someone certified by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) as someone who is capable of identifying and analyzing Arabica Coffee through smell and taste. In short, a Q For those who do not know, a grader is somewhat of a person who does cupping professionally.


There are various places in Abu Dhabi where you can get yourself a hot steaming cup of specialty coffee. You can find plenty of the coffee shops where they serve specialty coffee in the area of Al Zaab. These include Oz Specialty Café, Aptitude Café and many others. There are multiple other options and areas where specialty coffee is available as well. just make sure that you get what you pay for and that no other type of coffee is being presented to you as a specialty coffee.