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5 Reasons You Need To Learn About First Aid Response

People go about their lives without having proper knowledge about first aid. For some, this knowledge is not as important as mastering their tasks at work. But according to experts in health and safety in Dubai, there are definite advantage on knowing how to conduct first aid response.

If you are having second thoughts about taking a course and getting CPR and first aid certification, here are some reasons why you need to learn it:

  • Helps save lives


This is definitely one of the primary reasons why people need to learn first aid. In the event that something unfortunate happens, you need to ensure that patients will be given immediate medical attention. If the ambulance is still hours away or the location far from a medical facility, administering first aid would help prolong the patient’s life until the medical team arrives. When you have knowledge of basic first aid response, you can save lives.


  • Help the patients to be more comfortable


It is important that the patient feels comfortable while waiting for medical help. When they feel distressed, they will feel even worse. If that happens, their condition will worsen and it can aggravate the situation. But knowing that there is someone out there who knows a thing or two about first aid, the patient will feel a little at ease that they are taken care of.


  • Prevent the situation from getting worse


Another reason why people need to learn first aid response action is to prevent situation from getting worse. Some people will try to do first aid, but if they don’t have proper knowledge can make the situation worse and even aggravate the medical condition of the patient. Knowledge in administering first aid will prevent this situation from happening.


  • Encourage safety living


First aid is not just applicable during emergencies. It can also be applied to encourage secure and safety living, especially those who will administer the first aid. They need to make sure that they are in good condition before they help other patients. Thus, they are taught about self-care, checking themselves for injuries and taking care of their injuries.


  • Be more confident in any situation

The mental state of the person who will administer first aid is important. Training teaches them how to react accordingly to any emergency situation and what they need to do should an emergency arises.