The Timeless Elegance of Patek Timepieces

Low-priced watches are typically mass-produced by unskilled labourers and quality control is not given much thought. Crafting luxury timepieces, on the other hand, is usually done by skilled artisans. One of the watch-making companies that offer items created by master horologists is Patek Philippe. Many of those wanting to buy branded watches in Dubai, consider timepieces by Patek Philippe because of the timeless elegance of each creation.

branded-watchesIt is said that there are less than a million Patek watches made since the year 1839. Each Patek watch made has a searchable ‘extract’ available at the Patek Philippe archives. This means you can get the date of its production and original sale. Among the names in the archives are those of celebrities, artists, royal families and head of states.

Brad Pitt’s favourite watch is the Patek Philippe Nautilus, while Paul McCartney is often seen wearing his Patek Philippe Aquanaut. General Electric CEO Jack Welch owns a Patek Philippe Calatrava. President Kennedy gifted the Dalai Lama with a Patek Philippe Chronograph. Vladimir Putin has a very extensive collection of watches and this includes a Patek Philippe Calatrava. Artists also appreciate the craftsmanship of Patek timepieces. Pablo Picasso, for instance, wore a Patek Philippe Moon Phase.

Timeless Elegance

One of the reasons collectors love Patek watches is its timeless elegance. Unlike other luxury timepieces, Patek watches are not flashy. They don’t have to be. Their elegant design says it all. Each Patek watch has an intricate design that it takes a master horologist 10 months to create basic models and 2 years for models that are more complex. The timepieces from Patek Philippe are crafted in state-of-the-art Swiss facilities using high standards of craftsmanship. Every part in each watch is hand-finished.


The materials used for the manufacture of Patek watches are high quality, ensuring that the watches reliably keep the time for decades. One only needs to have it tuned-up every five years. The reliability of the watches, coupled with the elegance of their design, make it a worthy investment. The Calatrava bought for $300 in the 1950s is worth $20,000 today. Brand new Patek watches may be costly, but Patek Philippe watches prices in Dubai, particularly from shops offering used ones, are affordable.

With Patek Philippe, it’s not only the watch that is well-made, the case is also of superior value. The cases are made using the traditional case-making technique. Unlike other brands, the cases of Patek are made in-house. Some are forged from a solid piece of platinum or gold.