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Picking the Best Flowers for Any Occasion

Choosing the perfect bouquet of flowers for a special someone is quite the challenge, especially for guys who want to make an impression. But you need not be an expert when it comes to picking the best flowers to make an exquisite bouquet, because here’s a short list of tips that are guaranteed to help you.

Quick, easy steps to choosing the perfect bouquet

1) Get to know the recipient

What makes a present more special is if it’s truly well thought of – it means that with every step you took, you did so with that person in mind. So, find out the favourite colour of the recipient. What is her personality? Does she like colourful flowers? Or would she prefer simple white ones? What are her favourite flowers? Tulips? Roses? Freesias?

It is also important if the recipient is allergic to any type of flowers – after all, it should be a pleasant surprise! Knowing these things can help you arrange the perfect bouquet for your loved one – and it helps guarantee that she will absolutely love it!


2)  Let the flowers speak for you

Giving flowers & perfumes to someone is a way of sending a message. A bouquet can be a form of appreciation, a symbol of gratitude, or a reflection of your sincere romantic feelings. If you cannot decide how to best express your message and feelings, you can consult with a professional florist to help you choose the most appropriate blooms that will best convey this.


3) Add your personal touch

A gift of bunch flowers is in itself a precious present. In addition to customising it for the person receiving it, you can also add something that tells something about you, or your feelings. For example, you can add a card with your handwritten message, or you can add a small stuffed toy or a charming trinket to go with the flowers.


4) Seek the expertise of a pro

If you have done all these steps and you still find yourself unsure of what to do, it’s best to seek help from an expert florist. Florists can choose the flowers on your behalf. Just let them know what your ideas are and some details about the recipient so they can craft the perfect bouquet flowers.


5) Scour the internet

To get ideas on the best florists or flower stores that can help you, do a bit of online research. Check the customer reviews of online shops to see if they are able to deliver high-quality products and a high level of expertise.