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2017 Design Trends for Your Kitchen Renovation Project

kitchen interior designPeople spend so much time buying, preparing, and consuming food. The kitchen, therefore, is one of the important parts of your home. It’s where you share meals, stories, and quality time with your family and friends. It’s your magical place for raising your children, taking care of your spouse, and giving yourself a treat after a long day at work.

As an important place for home building, the kitchen then also needs your attention and care. Your kitchen cabinets have held your groceries for years that it can barely hold its own hinges. If you think it’s time for a kitchen renovation project, you’re probably right. Here are a few 2017 kitchen interior design trends that you can incorporate in your beloved project.

Kitchen Automation

Installing modern, automatic fixtures and appliances in the kitchen allows you more flexibility in food preparation. You can ask your contractor about hydraulic, easy-to-close cabinet doors. This allows you to move more freely and this addresses space issues, too. You can also install hands-free faucet, sensor-activated lights, and thermometers connected to your smartphone for a much better cooking and eating experience.

Fresh Hues

If you’re tired of the old, traditional wood and cream colors in your drab kitchen, now is the time to add the fresh hues in your walls and floors. Interior designers now go for painted cabinets, stainless and stylish sinks, and bold backsplash colors for their clients’ kitchens. They apply concepts of light and shadow, as well as mixed countertop materials for a more dynamic look and feel. It’ll be more inviting for everyone in the family to share breakfasts and dinners in such a fresh and cool environment, after all.

Clutter-free is Key

As in most areas of your home, storage is king because it sets the mood and fosters everyone’s peace of mind. You can go for a clutter-free kitchen through multi-tiered drawers and custom-made cabinets. You can also hide those oven mittens and rags in a separate cabinet under the sink, with your cleaning detergent and brushes in a separate tray.

Cool Comfort

While modern kitchens may often have strong, stark lines and imposing, steel stovetop ovens and refrigerators, modernizing your own kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll give up your comfort. You can still buy those layered rugs, stained wood countertops, and design everything in rich blues and yellows for a deep, soft feel in the kitchen. You can also opt for gray and white materials or even various shades of brown and deep red for a farmhouse feel.

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