Tips For Better Event Security Planning

Security is one of the most overlooked part of events organizing. And yet, it is one of the most important. If everything goes well, it is sure to go unnoticed. But if even the smallest of security issues arise, it will suddenly have the power to spell failure for your event.

Here are some tips to help you improve your event security planning.


  1. Plan ahead.

Most of the time, security is one of the last concerns to be dealt with in events planning. Some organizers of big events wrongly assume that it can be prepared in as short as a day’s notice, just because hiring a security team is a simple phone call away. Organizers of small events, on the other hand, often undervalue its importance and assume that it’s just as simple as standing in the venue entrance and checking the bags of guests for prohibited items.

Security is more than just deploying security personnel in the venue and expecting them to prevent bad things from happening. It’s about being prepared for different security risk scenarios. And that means having a thorough familiarity of the following:


Where are all the possible entrance and exit routes?

Where are all the fire extinguishers?


Are there valuable items that need extra attention?

Are there any fire hazards?


Who are the VIPs?

Are there persons with disability?

Taking all of these things into account in making an event security plan takes precious time. So as much as possible, security should be one of the first concerns in events planning. It should already be taken into account in choosing the venue, preparing the logistics, and hiring and/or knowing the people (staff and guests) of an event.

  1. Know your crowd.

First, the security team should know what types of people will be present at an event. Different kinds of crowds require different particularities in security management. A ball for government officials might require a more thorough security than a toy convention for children. A punk concert might require more security personnel and equipment than a public yoga class.

Second, the security team should know the expected crowd size of the event and be prepared for a little more. Sometimes even in invitational events, additional guests can’t be avoided. A guest might bring his/her child thinking of it as a non-issue. Another guest might bump into a friend, a celebrity, or a VIP near the venue and decide to bring them in out of pressure. Security management involves crowd control; and for crowd control to be more efficient, the security personnel should have a good estimate of the event’s crowd size.

  1. Hire a security team.

Some events are just too big or too important for its security to be handled by non-professionals. But then again, no event is too small for a proper security management. So for better event security management, it’s highly advisable to hire a professional security team. Their experience and equipment would guarantee a more efficient security management.

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