7 No-Sweat Activities that would Boost Your Hiring

Getting people to join your team is a stressful task. HR personnel wrack their heads on how to attract candidates and convince them to apply.

Aside from executing your recruitment plan, you can also add these unusual initiative to ensure that your hiring is up to speed.

  1. Build on employer branding

manpower-consultancy-in-dubaiNowadays, branding goes beyond just marketing your company. It can also be used to enhance your recruitment. Be sure to introduce your organization to relevant recruitment channels and social media tools. Include why working for your firm can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience and promote what you company stands for. It would surely attract like-minded applicants who are looking for a new employment opportunity

It wouldn’t hurt to post some fun activities to show that your company is not just about work. Post fun but appropriate photos on your company’s social media page to get attention from candidates.

  1. Include humor on your job postings

Interesting job ad copies catch the interest of would-be applicants. Go for something amusing and witty. But be sure the copies are clear and appropriate to avoid confusion and low engagement from candidates.

  1. Bank on your employees

Your employees can your gold mine for recruitment. Enhance your employee referral program to encourage staff to refer able-bodied candidates to you. Do not forget to include amazing rewards to those who will refer successful applicants.

  1. Revisit your resume bank

Another gold mine that you use is your resume bank. Be sure to regularly touch base with former applicant. You would know if a former qualified candidate is thinking of switching careers or employers.

  1. Leverage your company website

Aside from promoting your company’s product and services, you can also use your company’s website to boost your recruitment. Regularly update the career’s page of team’s site and put content that attracts applicants.

  1. Tap other sources

Aside from your usual recruitment channels, you can also turn to other sources to improve your hiring and recruitment. Enlisting the help of a manpower consultancy in Dubai would surely bring in applicants to your resume bank. You can check out site like www.tascoutsourcing.com to give you an idea on what this kind of firm can offer in terms of supplying you the right candidates.

  1. Go beyond the job profiles

Following the job profiles to a letter can hinder recruitment at times. Keep an open mind and consider candidates that do not fit the job description. More often than not, these candidates might have relevant experience that can be leveraged for your vacancies.