5 Work That Architects Really Do

When people see an architect, the first thing that comes to mind is that these professional design structures. But there is more to an architect than designing. In fact, they do a number of tasks to ensure that their work will meet and exceed expectations.

Architecture companies in Dubai would like to educate people about what their people really do. If you want to know, read on this list:

  • Feasibility studies


Before any work will be done, architects and engineers do a feasibility study to ensure that the project is good to proceed. Based on the client’s specifications and other variables, a team of architects and engineers will conduct a feasibility study, check the area and see if the project can be constructed. They will also check whether the client’s preferences is feasible for construction and implementation. They will take note of their findings and relay it to the client.


  • Project management


Once the project is approved and the feasibility study notes that all aspects is good for construction, the project is now ready to commence. The master or head architect and engineer will gather a team of professionals to help with the construction. They will be the lead project coordinators that will ensure that the project will be done in time and within the agreed budget.


  • Architectural design


One of the main task of an architect is to lend their skills and expertise to design buildings and structures that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. An architect will create a design that will balance the preference of the client and their creative insights. They also create building designs that are sustainable and would be able to adapt to the changing times and environment.


  • Interior design


Some architects take on the job of the interior design to provide stunning creative insides to the interior of the space. Some architects further their careers by learning interior designing. Since they already have a background in architectural designing, it would be easier for them to learn the rudiments of interior design.


  • Urban planning

An architect also works with a trusted urban planner in Dubai. An urban planning is a technical task wherein urban planners and architects create and design a space that will be sustainable in an urban setup. This would include the sustainable use of nature’s resources and buildings and infrastructures that abide by the environmental laws.